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French Winter Village in the Heart of London
Seeking French opulence in London; head no further than to the The French Winter Village by Grey Goose at The Langham Hotel. Open from 21st November until January, enjoy warming Grey Goose cocktails alongside festive food straight from the woodfire. The Langham’s Courtyard Garden has been transformed into a... Read more
The End of Massages
We all know this feeling, tight muscles across the shoulders, neck strain and reduced movement, that just gets worse and worse from being huddled over a desk all day.  Added with stress, anxiety and fatigue,  the body will react by further contracting the muscles. Eventually, bands or knots form... Read more
London’s Hippest Gyms
From Home House to Embody Fitness, a rounbd up of the capital’s best gyms. Embody Fitness 1 Bartholomew Ln, London EC2N 2AX Perfect for: 12-week body transformations Star trainer: Tom Ward His USP: “Dropping your body fat fast” – you’ll hate him, but you’ll love your body Fees: From... Read more
Best Beards Trimmers
Beards, the long and short of it, for the perfect trim… Beards.  Impossible not to like. They exude confidence,  show individuality, and quite frankly, they’re physically attractive to a lot of people. No longer is there a need to be clean-shaven for work.  A goatee or a full beard... Read more
Creating The Ultimate Home Gym
Are your ready for a home gym? Having a home gym can be great for convenience, but it isn’t for everyone. Some people draw genuine motivation from the group environment of the social gym. They enjoy the expert classes and find respite from working out in gym chat. If... Read more
Best Food Processors
Whizz, whisk, chop and slice, the best food processors with the minumum fuss. Most time savvy individuals are already familiar with these multi-tasking machines and if you are not already an owner, fear not as there are some fantastic models currently on the market to take care of your... Read more
Antiaging & Cleansing, Clarisonic vs Foreo
TECHNICAL DETAILS… Both the Clarisonic and the Foreo Luna use Sonic pulsation to help cleanse your skin better then your hands will do.  You could be splurging on the priciest serums and face creams, but if you’re not cleaning your skin right, they won’t do you any good.  When... Read more